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Box for Keeping Small and Mid-sized Tragedies
Materials: wooden box, ink, paint

︎ WARNING: this box is for small and mid-sized tragedies only. Colossal tragedies require a different type of vessel. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STUFF COLOSSAL TRAGEDIES IN THIS BOX.


Instructions for Box for Keeping Small and Mid-sized Tragedies

Step 1: Have a tragedy.

Step 2: Put tragedy in box.

Step 3: Wait for tragedy to stop being a tragedy, or let tragedy be one forever.

Step 4: Take peek at tragedy. See what tragedy is up to.

Step 5: Think of tragedy while tragedy is still in box, or do not think of tragedy at all.

Step 6: Wish tragedy well.

Step 7: Fill box with more tragedies as needed.

Step 8: Empty when full.

Step 9: Wait for more tragedies to arrive.

Step 10: Try not to think of tragedies before they happen.

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